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Great Porsche Electric-hybrid Leasing & Contract Hire Deals

Welcome to the Porsche Electric-hybrid Range. Porsche have an exciting range of vehicles to cater for your every need from large SUVs to city cars.

See our great range today and if you see any models listed as specials offers, you can be sure we have a great special offer for you today.

Here at LetsTalk Leasing, we have a brilliant range of offers and deals on Porsche electric and plugin hybrid leasing. Porsche is famous for two things: looking good, and driving fast, It’s absolutely not famous for its commitment to electric and plugin hybrid technologies. It’s time to take another look because while much of the news in the hybrid motoring world is centred on more family-centred manufacturers and models, Porsche has been doing something interesting.

Browse our extensive range of Porsche electric and hybrid car lease deals and drive your dream car home with LetsTalk Leasing. All Porsche electric and plugin hybrid leasing offers include free delivery, road tax and an official manufacturer's warranty.

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Here as LetsTalk Leasing, we are able to offer all Porsche vehicles on tailored contracts to meet your specific requirements, from 2 to 5 years duration with annual mileage allowances starting at just 5,000 miles. We are constantly updating our great Porsche lease offers, so either choose from the Porsche model range above or use either our simple search tool or our unique "Help me choose the perfect vehicle" tool to find the best vehicle for your needs and don't forget you can save and review your favourite vehicles in your showroom.


Famous for good looks, powerful engines and a European rock and roll style, Porsche has maintained its edge in fast, luxury cars while branching out into more traditional mass markets like SUVs with its Cayenne. Now both the Cayenne and the classic Panamera 4 are available as plug-in hybrids in a whole host of variants, turbo versions and special editions.

What’s more, Porsche is developing the Taycan all-electric car, to give you options at the purist edge of the spectrum. Great design, good looks, intensely impressive engines and now, with plug-in and all-electric options. What’s not to love?

The Cayenne, Porsche’s luxury crossover SUV that took the market by storm when it first arrived, now comes with a plug socket.

More surprising, the legend that is the Panamera 4, a true luxury Porsche, has had the plug-in upgrade too.

That means Porsche is looking seriously at the whole business of hybridisation, not just on its bit to win family drivers over to its brand, but on its ‘looking good and driving fast’ models too. If you needed convincing that the future includes a sizable electric-hybrid element, that’s about as good as it gets. The plug-in hybrid Panamera 4 is like a Texas steakhouse serving tofu for the first time in its history.

And that’s not all. Porsche is developing the Taycan 4S – its first all-electric car. 155 mph, 0-60 speed of 4.0 seconds.

All-electric. That means Porsche drivers can now look good, drive fast, and also go all-electric. It’s the beginning of a new era, both for Porsche, and anyone who wants to lease a Porsche while still being kind to the planet.

Much of the attention in the electric and plugin hybrid world has been focused on family favourite makes and models. But it’s a mark of how seriously electric and plugin hybrid technology is being taken as a part of the mainstream vehicle market of tomorrow that Porsche has invested in it too.

The plug-in hybrid Cayenne makes some sense, as it’s Porsche’s leading model in the family market. But investing in an all-electric sports car? That’s a commitment to shift the needle of expectation firmly towards electric-hybrid power in the future.


At LetsTalk Leasing, we have Porsche electric and hybrid leasing deals to suit every driver. If you want a Porsche electric and hybrid car lease, we can find you the best, most affordable options available. We can tailor your Porsche hybrid and electric vehicle lease options to your personal and financial requirements.

Our main aim here at LetsTalk Leasing is to provide you with excellent lease deals, but we also want you to drive a car you really like, and which represents you and your needs. If that’s a Porsche EV, we’re here to make it happen for you.

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