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Ford leasing

Great Ford Car Leasing & Contract Hire Deals

Welcome to the Ford Car Range. Ford have an exciting range of vehicles to cater for your every need from large SUVs to city cars.

See our great range today and if you see any models listed as specials offers, you can be sure we have a great special offer for you today.

Here at LetsTalk Leasing, we have a solid range of offers and deals on Ford car leasing. Ford is a carmaker with a history of doing a few things really well. It’s great at initial innovation, and it’s great at spreading that innovation through all its models – and eventually throughout all cars, everywhere. Ford builds cars, combining classic looks, sturdy engines, and more durability than an oak tree. With unfailing engines, recognisable bodies and superb safety features, Fords are neither luxury cars nor budget make-dos, but steady, reliable people carriers.

Browse our extensive range of Ford car lease deals and drive your dream car home with LetsTalk Leasing. All Ford leasing offers include free delivery anywhere in UK, road tax and an official manufacturer's warranty.

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Here as LetsTalk Leasing, we are able to offer all Ford vehicles on tailored contracts to meet your specific requirements, from 2 to 5 years duration with annual mileage allowances starting at just 5,000 miles. We are constantly updating our great Ford lease offers, so either choose from the Ford model range above or use either our simple search tool or our unique "Help me choose the perfect vehicle" tool to find the best vehicle for your needs and don't forget you can save and review your favourite vehicles in your showroom


Ford cars are the bodyguards of the motoring world. Built to be stockier rather than necessarily beautiful, Ford vehicles will always be there when you need them and are built to protect you from harm on your daily journeys.

Not that Ford vehicles are slow by any means. The result of decades of development, they can turn on the speed when you need it. But they combine that engineering power with a sense of protection almost unique outside the German luxury car market.

Ford cars are sometimes thought of as reliable lapdogs, but not especially exciting. That is usually because they’re in on the ground floor of new innovation though, rolling it out until it becomes the norm for everyone. Never underestimate a Ford, or Fords in general – they have had ways to surprise you factored into their design.

That’s why so many Ford models are household names: the Fiesta, the supermini going strong since 1976 and now in its seventh generation; the Mondeo, the family favourite that shows no signs of stopping; newer legends like the Focus compact car, not to mention the likes of the Puma and the Kuga. But Ford’s continuing to innovate too – developing the EcoSport SUV took Ford into that popular market nearly 20 years ago. Now the company’s moving into electric vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E to meet the needs of 21st century drivers.

Build of a bodyguard, safe as a strongbox, reliable as a Monday – that’s a Ford.


At LetsTalk Leasing, we have Ford leasing deals to suit every driver. If you want a Ford car lease, we can find you the best, most affordable options available. With over 15 years of expertise as an independent vehicle leasing specialist, creating strong relationships with vehicle manufacturers and carefully selected funding companies alike, we will tailor the funding to your personal and financial requirements.

Our main aim here at LetsTalk Leasing is to provide you with excellent lease deals, but we also want you to drive a car you really like, and which represents you and your needs. If that’s a Ford, we’re here to make it happen for you.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of leasing your next new Ford vehicle, our team of specialist advisors are here to help you. Please contact us via our contact form or just call 0330 056 3331 to speak to one of our friendly team.

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