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Leasing a vehicle has become a very popular and cost effective way to finance your personal or business motoring.

Leasing a vehicle is effectively a long-term rental – you simply pay a fixed monthly fee to have full and exclusive use of the vehicle for an agreed time period (2 to 5 years) and pre agreed number of miles.

The low monthly lease costs are driven by a number of key factors which enable LTL to agree pre set monthly lease charges

What we do.

  • We help do the hard work for you by scanning the UK market for the best vehicle leasing deals across all vehicle manufacturers. 
  • Our sophisticated systems are able to review hundreds of thousands of deals by a number of different finance companies to ensure you are getting a great deal.
  • With our significant buying power, motoring costs can be reduced and charged at a fixed monthly lease rate. 
  • You benefit from great vehicle discounts, low cost of finance, maximised vehicle sales value and discounted maintenance and tyre costs This is why leasing is often seen as a cheaper option to buying a vehicle outright or by financing it via a personal or business loan.

Our commitment - understanding your costs

Leasing a vehicle is an important financial commitment as would buying a new vehicle or taking out a personal or business loan to finance a vehicle.


Keep you informed

About the costs you will be committing to.


Notify changes

Provide details if you may incur other costs if you deviate from the lease contract parameters.


Open and transparent

ensure no surprises for you


Exceed your expectation

So that you can enjoy the benefits of vehicle leasing and stay with us for many years to come

What is the Lease Rental?

This is the monthly cost of leasing a vehicle, on our website Personal Leases will have their rental expressed as a VAT inclusive value , whilst Business Leases will be shown excluding VAT.

The Lease Rental is a monthly charge that will be fixed for the duration of the lease and no other lease charges will be made providing that the vehicle is returned at the end of the Lease term within its contracted mileage parameters and in a condition that is in line with independent industry standards.

The Lease rental will include the cost for :

  • Depreciation (i.e. the fall in value from when the vehicle was new to the forecast sale value when the vehicle is returned at the end of the contract)
  • The Cost of Financing your Vehicle
  • Vehicle Registration Cost & Vehicle delivery costs
  • Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) for the initial and future years. Subject to the finance company policy future year price increase in VED may be chargeable
  • Full Manufacturer warranty

The Lease rentals displayed on our website will NOT include maintenance costs, however you are able to include this in your monthly rental.

When you lease a vehicle you normally need to pay a initial rental, sometimes referred to as an up-front payment. This is usually expressed as a set number of Lease rentals ( typically between 3 and 12 lease rentals) and is an advance rental payment and the amount you pay will have a direct impact on your monthly lease rental.

Initial Rental

When you lease a vehicle you normally need to pay a initial rental, sometimes referred to as an up-front payment.

What is an advanced rental?

This is usually expressed as a set number of Lease rentals (typically between 3 and 12 lease rentals) and is an advance rental payment and the amount you pay will have a direct impact on your monthly lease rental.

Worked example of an advanced rental.

Total rental payable over a 3 year period for your chosen vehicle is £7,600 excluding VAT.

Options you have include

  1. If you choose to pay a 3 month initial rental followed by 35 monthly rentals then your initial rental would be £600 (3/38th of £7,600) followed by 35 payments of £200 (£7,000).
  2. If you choose to pay a 9 month initial rental followed by 35 monthly rentals then your initial rental would be £1,554.57 (9/44th of £7,600) followed by 35 payments of £172.73 (£6,045.55).

Under both examples the Lease rentals paid over the total contract are the same and sum up to £7,600

Do I need to pay a lease rental?

Certain vehicle finance companies may require a minimum Initial lease payment and this will be confirmed at the vehicle order stage, this may be due to your personal financial circumstances/credit history or down to being a standard policy from the finance company.

The company should also be highlighted that as the Initial payment relates to a part payment of the total rentals payable it is not a deposit and is non-refundable.

When does it need to be paid?

The initial rental is payable to the finance company, the payment date is usually 7 to 14 days after you have taken delivery of your vehicle, however some finance companies may require payment prior to delivery.

We will confirm subsequent payment dates when you order your vehicle.

What you need to check.

When comparing your options for the most competitive leasing deal it is important that you factor the initial rental into your total costs, some businesses may advertise a very low monthly vehicle lease rate as they have factored in a very high initial payment.

Our recommendation is that to compare deals you do a simple calculation:

Initial Rental + Admin Charge + (Monthly Rental x Number of Rentals Payable) = Total Amount Payable Over Contract

Admin Fee

We charge a one off  Administration Fee which is in addition to your monthly rental charge. This fee helps cover the costs we incur when providing the vehicle lease sourcing service we offer. For example our website costs, customer service executives, arranging your vehicle hire agreement, vehicle order documentation processing and organising the delivery of your new vehicle. The Administration Fee is payable by debit or credit card or by BACs payment. This payment will only be taken when we have received finance approval from the vehicle funding company and you have signed your order form confirmation instructing us to place your order. Please note that Credit Card payments are subject to a 1.95% additional charge which is levied by the credit card processing company.


If you own or lease a vehicle you will need to ensure that it is maintained in line with the manufacturer advised service schedule. This will give you the assurance that the vehicle manufacturer warranty remains valid and that the vehicle's performance and safety is as it should be

What You Need To Do

Keep it serviced

It is important to service your vehicle so that the parts which wear down over time and usage can be checked and replaced as needed.

Follow manufacturer guidelines

A full service is usually required every 12 months or 12,000 miles, however every vehicle is different, so to find out what needs replacing and when (known as 'service intervals'), you should check your vehicle handbook.

Watch for warning messages

I you see any warning messages please act promptly it could contain important information about your vehicle.

Who is responsible for maintaining and servicing my leased vehicle.

  • You are responsible for maintaining and servicing your leased vehicle in line with the vehicle manufacturers service schedule guidelines.
  • You can arrange maintenance and servicing of your vehicle independently via a main dealership or independent repairer (if using independent repairers please ensure that they use genuine manufacturer parts and approved fluids) or you can add onto your lease cost a comprehensive Maintenance and Service package. 
  • All of the thousands of vehicles that we offer come with the option of taking out a full and comprehensive Maintenance and Servicing Package for an additional fixed monthly fee. This can easily be added to your rental agreement and monthly lease charge. A maintenance package can only be added to your agreement at point of order your vehicle, unfortunately we are unable to add it on at a later stage.

Benefits of adding on a comprehensive Maintenance and service package to my rental agreement.

  • Fixed budget - for a fixed monthly cost all of your vehicles maintenance and servicing cost are covered.
  • Costs - Discounted maintenance and servicing cost by leveraging the buying power of a company that purchases services for thousands of vehicles every year as opposed to an individual that purchases these services as an individual, benefiting from discounted labour rates and parts replacements. 
  • Quality - service from a UK network of approved garages, by skilled and qualified people.
  • Convenience - One number to call for all your maintenance and servicing needs
  • To your door - Option for home/ business collection & delivery for your convenience and at no cost ( Subject to availability and notice period)
  • Replacement - Courtesy car upon request from the service provider (subject to booking and availability)
  • Preferential treatment - Get the best booking slots and proactive vehicle off road downtime management. 
  • Peace of Mind - in the knowledge that you have all of your motoring maintenance and service costs covered and that your vehicle is being serviced in line with your vehicle manufacturer service schedule, saving you time and money.

What is the cost of an maintenance and service package.

This will vary dependant upon the make and model of the vehicle you have chosen, the length of your agreement and the annual mileage you have chosen.

Irrespective of the vehicle or lease agreement parameters you have chosen you will always benefit from the discounted parts and labour costs and full and comprehensive quality service detailed below.

What is normally included in a Maintenance and Service Package.

  • All Scheduled maintenance and services as per your vehicles manufacturers service schedule. 
  • Tyres - Unlimited premium branded tyre replacements including balance and valve. An option for free of charge mobile fitting service for your convenience (subject to appointment booking). No charges for puncture repairs or damaged tyre replacements  (subject to terms of Finance company). Tyres are replaced subject to manufactures safety standards which is normally stated as tread depth of less than 2mm. 
  • Mechanical and electrical replacements and repairs due to fair wear and tear, including all labour and parts costs. 
  • Perishable items - Including all batteries, wiper blades, bulbs, exhausts, cam belts, alternators and starter motors. 
  • MOT tests - If required new vehicles do not require an MOT until they are 3 years old.
  • Comprehensive breakdown and roadside assistance cover

What is excluded from a Maintenance and Service Package.

  • Repairs required as a result of an accident or driver fault - Items missing due to theft or malicious damage
  • Lubricants and fluid top ups between service intervals ( e.g. brake fluid, screen wash and oil) - Replacement or repairs of glass e.g. windscreens
  • Misfuelling
  • Fuel drainage or damage resultant from misfuelling

How do I use my comprehensive Maintenance and Service Package.

  • Along with your rental agreement documentation you will be provided with details of your maintenance and service package along with contact details so that you can make any maintenance and service bookings at your convenience.
  • A courtesy vehicle can also be requested or free of charge collection and delivery of your vehicle ( subject to availability when you make your booking).
  • Tyre replacement or repair services will also be provided.

Please note that the advertised monthly costs on our website exclude the cost of our comprehensive Maintenance and Service package, but can be added as an optional extra.

Top Tips

Note Maintaining and servicing your lease vehicle in accordance with the manufactures guidelines is your responsibility.

Maintenance and service packages may vary dependant upon the finance company that you have your rental agreement with, our customer service specialists will be able to support you with any questions you may have.

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