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Smart leasing

Great Smart Electric-hybrid Leasing & Contract Hire Deals

Welcome to the Smart Electric-hybrid Range. Smart have an exciting range of vehicles to cater for your every need from large SUVs to city cars.

See our great range today and if you see any models listed as specials offers, you can be sure we have a great special offer for you today.

Here at LetsTalk Leasing, we have an irresistible range of offers and deals on Smart electric car leasing. Smart cars always felt destined to go electric. The ForTwo and ForFour took cities by storm, but they were so nippy, people assumed they already were electric. They helped unlock city driving, zipping here and there for cross-town appointments, parking in spaces that would defeat even the dreams of other models. When you told people there was actually a conventional Mercedes engine inside them, it always took people a moment before they believed you. There was something so fundamentally science fiction about them, they felt like they came from the future – where all cars would naturally be electric.

Browse our extensive range of Smart electric car lease deals and drive your dream car home with LetsTalk Leasing. All Smart car leasing offers include free delivery, road tax and an official manufacturer's warranty.

Smart Model Overview

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Here as LetsTalk Leasing, we are able to offer all Smart vehicles on tailored contracts to meet your specific requirements, from 2 to 5 years duration with annual mileage allowances starting at just 5,000 miles. We are constantly updating our great Smart lease offers, so either choose from the Smart model range above or use either our simple search tool or our unique "Help me choose the perfect vehicle" tool to find the best vehicle for your needs and don't forget you can save and review your favourite vehicles in your showroom.


The ForTwo and the ForFour EQ are all-electric versions of the nippy city-dwellers with the Mercedes hearts. Naturally, there are considerations of weight and engine size to take into account. Where some electric vehicles will get you hundreds of miles between charges, the Smarts are not like other vehicles. Somewhere between 70-80 miles on a single charge is your realistic range being re-juicing the Smart EQs.

But let’s remember, ForTwo and the ForFour are city animals. Or small local area dwellers. While they will go and play on motorways if you absolutely insist they must, longer, cross-country journeys are really not their favourite things to do.

That means you’re unlikely to do over 80 miles in a single day in a Smart Car at the best of times. Which in turn makes a kind of sense of their charge limits. Nip around your city or your local area to your heart’s content, get home and while you put your feet up, your Smart EQ can be soaking up charge for tomorrow’s adventures.

In case you get caught short between locations, the Smart EQs comes with an app for charge management, which also tells you where the nearest charging points are. That should mean you’re never knowingly stuck in the middle of an urban nowhere with your all-electric Smart refusing to move.

With its all-electric models, Smart feels like it’s finally found its inevitable electric destiny.

While their single charge range of around 75 miles may not seem great, if you’re a city dweller, you’re unlikely to need to need more at any one time. And what you get from the all-electric Smart are all the things you get from an ordinary Smart – zip, attitude, and an ability to park. But now you get it all with significant annual fuel cost savings and more ecological credibility.

There are few models of cars out there going hybrid or all-electric actually makes the original petrol-powered versions redundant. With the Smart ForTwo and Smart ForFour though, the all-electric EQ versions feel like an essential upgrade that retires the need for the originals. Unless you happen to be driving a Smart across country, there’s every likelihood that the Smart EQ models will give you everything you got from the traditionally-powered Smart cars – just with fuel savings and a buy-in to green ethics.


At LetsTalk Leasing, we have Smart electric car leasing deals to suit every driver. If you want a Smart electric vehicle lease, we can find you the best, most affordable options available. We can tailor your Smart electric vehicle lease options to your personal and financial requirements.

Our main aim here at LetsTalk Leasing is to provide you with excellent lease deals, but we also want you to drive a car you really like, and which represents you and your needs. If that’s a Smart EV, we’re here to make it happen for you.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of leasing your next new Smart vehicle, our team of specialist advisors are here to help you. Please contact us via our contact form or just call 0330 056 3331 to speak to one of our friendly team

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