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The BMW has always been synonymous with luxury, exceptional performance, reliability, and innovation.   

If you’re in the market for a new car, why not choose a BMW electric car to enjoy all of these attributes while also embracing environmental sustainability?

Here at LetsTalk Leasing, we offer an exciting range of brand-new BMWs to lease at affordable monthly rates. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of opting for an electric car and highlight some of the top BMW electric car leasing deals we currently have available.

What is the benefit of having an electric car?  

Electric cars are the future. With a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars looming in 2030, there’s never been a better time to transition to electric.

Electric vehicles are far from a passing fad; they represent a profound shift in the automotive industry, one that has substantial benefits.

Firstly, electric vehicles don’t burn fuel, so they don’t produce any harmful gases. By switching to an electric car, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help to protect the environment. Meaning you can enjoy the thrill of a brand-new vehicle, guilt-free!

Although electric vehicles do tend to cost more upfront, they compensate for the expense in other ways.

Electric power is generally less expensive than petrol or diesel, making electric vehicles more economical over time. Some electric car charging points are even free to use! It’s not just fuel that you’ll save money on either; zero-emission electric vehicles are exempt from paying road tax, so that’s one less bill to worry about. 

Electric cars also tend to need fewer repairs than non-electric cars as they have a simpler mechanical design under the bonnet. With fewer moving parts, electric vehicles are usually more reliable and require less maintenance and repairs.  

Finally, electric cars are usually equipped with cutting-edge technology. They feature the latest assistive driving technologies and infotainment systems, offering a comfortable, enjoyable, and convenient driving experience.  

BMW electric cars on offer from LetsTalk Leasing

At LetsTalk Leasing, we offer a dynamic range of BMW electric cars, covering the full spectrum of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric cars.  

Let’s take a look at the 5 most popular all-electric BMW cars that we offer for lease. Buckle up and get ready to learn more.

BMW i4 Coupe

The BMW i4 is a high-performance, 5-seater gran coupe with an eye-catching, aerodynamic design. 

Key features of the BMW i4 include:

  • BMW IconicSounds Electric – adapts your audio experience according to the driving mode you select.
  • Modern Curved Display – with touch and voice control.
  • Next-gen digital services - including BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and BMW Digital Key.
  • Generous 470 litre boot – back seats can be folded down to expand this to 1,290 litres.

Range of up to 365 miles

Leasing deals available from £398.45 exc. VAT.


The BMW iX1 is a versatile, dynamic, and tough SUV featuring plenty of mod-cons that make it a pleasure to drive.

Key features of the BMW iX1 include:

  • Active seats - with massage and lumbar function for fatigue-free sitting.
  • BMW Curved Display – with touch and voice control.
  • Wireless charging tray – charges your smartphone inductively.

Range of up to 270 miles.

Leasing deals available from £453.34 exc. VAT.

BMW 7 Series Saloon

The BMW 7 Series is an elegant saloon with an opulent interior that offers unrivalled levels of comfort and innovation.  

Key features of the BMW 7 Series include:

  • Individual My Modes – light, sound, and climate to match your moods.
  • Crystal headlights – featuring Swarovski crystal elements.
  • Sky Lounge panoramic glass sunroof – features dynamic light effects at night.
  • Optional 31” BMW Theatre Screen and surround sound – for a 4D audio experience.
  • BMW Interaction Bar – multifunctional control element that extends horizontally across the entire cockpit.
  • Rear doors feature 5.5” touchscreens – to operate the infotainment system, air conditioning, and theatre screen.

Range of up to 387 miles.

Leasing deals available from £1,474.64 exc. VAT.

BMW iX Estate

The BMW iX Estate is an adventurous sports activity vehicle with powerful acceleration and plenty of pioneering technology.

Key features of the BMW iX include:

  • Driving assistive technology – including Driver Assistant Professional, emergency steer assist, lane keeping assistant, and Parking Assistant Plus.
  • Ultra-modern connectivity – 5G as standard.
  • BMW Curved Display – merges the information and control displays.

Range of up to 382 miles.

Leasing deals available from £466.59 exc. VAT.


The BMW iX3 is a sporty SUV with exceptional driving performance that is both luxurious and practical.  

Key features of the BMW iX3 include:

  • BMW IconicSounds Electric – Developed by BMW and Hans Zimmer, IconicSounds stages engine sounds to enhance the driving experience.
  • Sport seats – fitted with Vernasca leather upholstery as standard.
  • Intelligent driver assistance systems – can be operated by voice command.

Range of up to 385 miles.

Leasing deals available from £458.07 exc. VAT.

Ready to embark on an electrifiying journey? If we’ve convinced you that an electric BMW is right for you, browse our lease deals online, or for more information, get in touch by giving our team a call on 0330 056 3331

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