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Most Popular Cars For September 2017

For the month of September, the results are in and the top three are:

  1. Nissan Qashqai: 13,499
  2. VW Golf: 12,800
  3. Ford Fiesta: 10,826

Overall for the year to date

  1. Ford Fiesta: 75,814
  2. Ford Focus: 57,526
  3. VW Golf: 57,018

A strong story for Ford but with VW Golf catching up and the Qashqai now in 4th place overall it will be interesting to see how the picture changes over the coming months.

Here at LetsTalk we remain committed to providing you with the greatest range possible of vehicles for your needs. With the latest great reviews available to view then take your time and you decide which of these top three are possibly right for you and why are they top of list. You make up your mind?

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