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BMW X3 SUV Car Review, Appraisal & Personal Car Leasing Options

The 3rd iteration of the BMW X3 has really progressed from the previous version which is just as well as the Premium Mid-Sized SUV Sector is incredibly congested, we put one through its paces....

BMW X3 SUV Car Review & Appraisal Scoring


This X3 has come of age in third generation guise. If it struggles to match the profitability of its predecessor, then that'll be because competition in the premium mid-sized SUV sector is so much tougher these days. This model is, after all, an immeasurable improvement over the MK2 version in every possible way. Even the best of this car's prestige rivals can't match this one's hugely impressive blend of handling and efficiency. It feels up-market, it rides impressively and, thank goodness, on-tarmac, it drives just as a BMW should. All of which means that buyers in this sector who can afford the asking price should find that this X3 adds up very nicely indeed. From a business car leasing perspective this is a reasonable option with 132g/km C02 emissions placing the petrol vehicle in the 27% BIK band for 2018/19 along with many of its counterparts so it has the potential to become a Contract Hire and Leasing staple. A vehicle this good ought to speak for itself. Try one and we think you'll find that it does.

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