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Everything you need to know about the Electric Mini Cooper

In 2020, Britain's most iconic car, the Mini Cooper, had an eco-friendly upgrade. In the same year, it won The Sunday Times' 'Best British-Built Car of the Year' and Jeremy Clarkson's 'People's Car of the Year' awards.

The electric Mini Cooper combines iconic style and advanced technology with all the benefits of driving a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly electric vehicle. 

In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about the electric Mini Cooper, including its key features, cost, and the benefits of choosing this much-loved British car.

How does the electric Mini Cooper work?

If you've never driven an electric car before, you may be apprehensive about how it all works. Let us explain. Fully electric vehicles are powered by a battery and an electric motor rather than a fuel-powered engine. Instead of filling up your tank at the petrol station, you plug your car into an electric car charging point to charge its battery. When you switch the car on, the battery powers the motor, and the motor moves the car's wheels.

The car's range is how far it can travel between charges. Most modern electric cars have a range of between 150 and 350 miles. The electric Mini Cooper hatchback has a range of up to 250 miles. The range on all electric cars will vary slightly depending on your driving habits and environmental conditions.

Many people who drive an electric car have an electric car charging point installed at their home.

Electric car charging points are also available in various locations across the country, including car parks, petrol stations, motorway service stations, supermarkets, shopping centres, and many others. 

Key features of the electric Mini

When you choose the electric Mini Cooper, you can enjoy both iconic style and a high-performance vehicle packed with all the mod-cons. Let's learn more about the electric Mini's key features.

Excellent range

The electric Mini Cooper is available in two different models – the Cooper E and the Cooper SE. The Cooper E has a range of up to 190 miles, while the Cooper SE offers a range of up to 250 miles.

Fast charging

The electric Mini supports both AC charging and DC fast charging. DC charging can be completed in around 35 minutes.

Safety and driving assistance technologies

All electric Minis are equipped with the Active Driving Assitant, which includes collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

OLED technology

The electric Mini's modern and minimalist circular OLED display features the vehicle's onboard infotainment and assistance hub.

Customisable interior

Tailor the appearance of your electric Mini Cooper's interior by choosing from three different style options – Classic, Executive, or Sport. 

Why choose an electric Mini?

In 2024, advancements in electric car technology have significantly improved the performance and range of new electric vehicles like the electric Mini Cooper. We've put together five key benefits of choosing an electric Mini to help you decide whether it is the right car for you. 

  • Iconic design – If you've always liked the classic, quintessentially British style of the Mini, the electric Mini offers the same iconic design but with bonus eco credentials!
  • Sustainable driving – Fully electric cars like the Mini Cooper emit zero emissions, making them an eco-friendly option and helping to decrease your carbon footprint in an increasingly eco-conscious world.
  • High performance – The electric Mini is surprisingly agile and very nippy for a hatchback, making it a pleasure to drive.
  • Advanced technology – It's not just the technology under the bonnet that's advanced; the electric Mini also boasts plenty of mod-cons to make the ride more comfortable and enjoyable for the driver and passengers.
  • Cost-effective to run – It is cheaper to charge an electric car than to fill up a tank with petrol or diesel, making electric cars more cost-effective to run than fuel vehicles.

With the government's plans to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles, choosing an electric Mini could not only revolutionise your driving experience but also future-proof your ride. 

How much does the electric Mini cost?

If you're sold on the benefits of driving an electric Mini, there's only one burning question left to ask – what's it going to cost, and can you afford it?

Electric vehicles tend to be more expensive than their fuel counterparts because electric vehicle technology is still pretty new, and the cost of researching, developing, and manufacturing them is high. Electric car batteries, in particular, cost a lot to manufacture as they are made using expensive materials like lithium and cobalt. All of these factors drive up the cost of buying an electric vehicle.

However, it's important to remember that although electric cars may cost more upfront, most people save long-term on running costs.

There are several different electric Mini Cooper models, so the cost of buying one varies slightly depending on the model you choose. The price of buying the electric Mini Cooper new varies from £29,420 for a 2024 Mini Cooper Classic Electric E to £36,120 for a 2024 Mini Cooper Exclusive Electric SE.

If this sounds a little steep, leasing is a more affordable option. With LetsTalk Leasing, you can lease an electric Mini for as little as £311 a month. We'll explain a little more about the benefits of leasing next.

Benefits of leasing an electric Mini rather than buying

If you've never leased a car before, let us briefly explain how it works. Leasing a car is much like renting it. You enter into a financial agreement with a leasing company and pay a fixed monthly cost for an agreed length of time. In exchange, you get a brand-new car to drive. Once the lease agreement ends, you hand the car back to the leasing company; you never own the car.

Many people now choose to lease, as it gives them access to a new, modern, and comfortable vehicle at an affordable monthly cost. If you get bored with your car quickly, then leasing is ideal for you as it allows you to change your car every few years. 

Leasing can also provide better financial security, as it allows you to keep hold of your savings and pay a fixed and affordable monthly cost. When you lease a vehicle, you don't have to worry about the cost of depreciation, either, as the leasing company will shoulder this expense.

Electric Mini deals from LetsTalk Leasing

LetsTalk Leasing is one of the top car leasing specialists in the UK. We aim to make car leasing simple and affordable. We're always transparent about costs and want to offer our customers the best prices available on the market – so if you see a cheaper deal elsewhere, let us know! We'll always do our best not just to match it but better it!

We currently have lease deals available for the electric Mini Cooper Hatchback and the Mini Countryman Hatchback, which are available in different variants. 

The cost of leasing an electric Mini Cooper from LetsTalk Leasing varies from £311 to £447.57 per month.

The cost of leasing an electric Mini Countryman from LetsTalk Leasing ranges from £447.73 to £605.17 per month. To learn more about the electric Mini or how to lease an electric Mini with LetsTalk Leasing, contact our team of experts by calling 0330 056 331.

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