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Top Five Reasons to Lease an Electric Car

With electric cars becoming much more a part of the mainstream of motoring, is now the perfect time to consider leasing one?

Electric vehicles combine reduced costs with advanced technology and excellent eco-credentials. But is this enough to make you want to drive one?

The perfect way to find out is to lease an electric car. A car leasing deal gives you access to the latest models, with state-of-the-art tech features, including improved battery range.

Leasing an electric car gives you freedom to experience something new, without over-committing yourself.

Here are the main reasons to lease an electric car.

1. Reduce Your Running Costs

Electric cars are much cheaper to run than fuel-driven vehicles. You’ll find charging an EV (electric vehicle) is nothing compared to filling a tank with petrol.

If you lease an EV at around the same amount as you would pay for a similarly priced petrol or diesel car, you’ll be saving on the running costs. Some electric cars can cost just £10 per 1,000 miles of travel.

And for businesses there is even more incentive as Employee Benefit in kind rates are at 0% for 2020/21 and only 1% for the 3 years after (Benefit in Kind Rates) this not only saves the employee tax but for the company Employers national insurance is also very low.

2. Experience a Longer Battery Range

The battery range of electric vehicles has increased substantially.

The Audi E-Tron, for example, has a battery range exceeding 250 miles.

There are cars which have ranges from 125 miles upwards so there are vehicles for all budgets!

Currently, the UK has three charging points per every 62 miles of road. According to RAC, the average length of a commuter trip is around 10 miles.

In other words, anxiety about charging your electric car need not be an issue.

3. Make the Most of Your Purchasing Power 

Electric cars can command quite high prices, but if you lease one, you should find that driving a cutting edge vehicle is much more affordable.

You’ll just need a modest deposit, followed by a monthly payment, without having to stump up for the cash to buy an EV outright.

Many EV drivers already opt to rent car batteries rather than buy them, so leasing the car itself is a logical next step.

As the technology keeps developing rapidly, so new, improved models are coming onto the market.

With a leasing deal, you can keep up with these changes, with the freedom to change your model when your current car lease finishes.

4. Avoid Depreciation Worries

Like other cars, EVs are not immune to depreciation, but a big perk of leasing is that this is something you don’t need to worry about.

This gives you the freedom to choose the model you want to drive, without considering how much it will be worth when you want a change of vehicle.

5. Make Maintenance Easy

Generally, electric cars are easy to maintain. They have fewer moving parts than a conventional car, and brake pads and other consumables tend to last longer due to regenerative braking.

You can reduce this burden further, though, if you opt for a maintenance package as part of your car leasing deal.

As an optional addition to your monthly charge, you’ll get peace of mind from knowing that you’re covering the cost of servicing and parts.

Are You Ready to Go Green and Drive an EV?

For more information about our excellent electric car leasing deals, call us today on 0330 056 3331, email or fill in our online contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


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