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Skoda Enyaq Electric Car

What is the difference between the new Skoda Enyaq models IV 60 nav, IV 80 and IV Sportline 80?

Skoda’s first full electric car is available to order in the UK now. The Skoda Enyaq is a full electric SUV and has been targeted to be an affordable electric car. 

It’s modern looking and a similar size to an Audi Q5 and it’s on the road performance is similar to the VW ID 4. 

All models and specs come with the much-desired Apple Car Play / Android Auto as a standard which is a real bonus.

Skoda Enyaq Electric Car

Model Variations

The Enyaq comes in 3 model varieties: the IV 60 Nav, IV 80 and IV Sport Line 80. 

The main difference between the 60 nav and the 80 is the range. 

The 60 nav’s range is 256 miles and the 80’s is 333 miles. 

The Sportline model has similar range to the IV 80 but has a slightly different sportier body style and has a premium interior. 

Electric Car Charging Times

The IV 60 nav can reach full charge in 9h 30m using a home charger whilst the larger range IV 80 takes 13 hours to achieve a full charge at home. 

80% charge can be achieved in 55 minutes on the IV 60 Nav using a fast on the road charger. The IV 80 takes 1h 10m to reach 80% using the fast road charger. 

Charging performance can be improved with an add on available for all models. 

If you upgrade to the DC charging (£440 extra) the time it takes to get 80% change on the road can be slashed to around 35 minutes. 

Skoda Enyaq Charging Table

Charging schedules can be managed on Skoda Connect, a mobile app which allows you to set when you would like charging to start and finish, check your battery life before going out and allows you to remotely control the heating and air conditioning. 

Skoda Enyaq Electric Car

Vehicle Specification Levels

The 60 nav and the 80 models come in 5 different specs to suit your needs. The main difference being the interior colours and materials. 

The price difference is only £500 between the loft and eco suite IV 60 nav models, with the lodge, lounge and suite specs, prices ranging in between. 

The options are more down to the customers preference then effecting the performance of the car.

Does it qualify for the UK Government Electric Car Grant?

The Enyaq IV 60 Nav is still eligible for the £2,500 government grant which means you can get your hands on one for £31,995, which compared to the Enyaq’s direct competitors offers great value for money. 

The highest spec Enyaq is the IV 80 SportLine which retails at £42,900. 

If you’re looking for a manageable monthly payment rather then a lump sum purchase, then Electric Car Leasing can be an option. 

Skoda Enyaq Electric Car


In the next 12 months we would expect to see this vehicle becoming very popular as there are very limited options for drivers seeking an affordable electric SUV. 

This car is not only very attractive in terms of price, but the overall look of the car is great. 

Browse our latest Skoda Enyaq electric car leasing offers or give our team a call on 0330 056 3331 for help or advice with running this or any other electric vehicle.

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