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Great Toyota Corolla van Leasing & Contract Hire Deals.

Toyota pioneered full-Hybrid self charging power in the LCV segment with this Corolla Commercial van. It's otherwise an LCV which in concept is anything but pioneering, based entirely on the Corolla Touring Sports estate. But for the right kind of company customer, it could be ideal. Especially in this improved form.

Toyota Corolla

Our Toyota Corolla Lease Deals.

Toyota Corolla Commercial
Reversing Camera
Parking Sensors
Cruise Control


£427.18 inc VAT

Initial rental: £3,844.58 inc VAT
48 months, 10000 annual mileage,
RRP Value £28,284.00 inc. VAT

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Toyota Corolla Commercial
Reversing Camera
Parking Sensors
Cruise Control


£319.77 exc VAT

Initial rental: £2,877.93 exc VAT
48 months, 10000 annual mileage,
P11D £29,010.00

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Toyota Corolla Reviews

Overall Rating


There aren't many businesses that are going to be able to make a vehicle like this work for their needs, but those that can will probably like it very much indeed. The old Vauxhall Astra van used to sell very well to people like computer support companies and carpet salesman who liked a long load area in a compact LCV. This Corolla Commercial occupies a somewhat higher price point but there's the big advantage of its unique full-Hybrid self charging powerplant to compensate. If you're in these kinds of businesses and can make the monthly payments add up, this Toyota will likely prove a frugal, practical tool - and it'll almost certainly never go wrong. If you need a small van, you've a 'green' business ethos but you're not quite ready to go full-electric, it's worth a look.

Practicalities and Costs

A lift of the tailgate reveals the extent of the changes, the absence of the usual rear bench freeing up space for a quite spacious, lined and easily accessible rubber-lined load area with rear window masking film, an area which includes a full-metal bulkhead. The cargo dimensions are 1,558mm long, 952mm wide and 682mm high. The design of the multi-link rear suspension means the load area isn't compromised by intruding components. Toyota claims improved diesel-like efficiency stats from this model and the official WLTP-rated figures broadly bear that out. The combined cycle economy range is now up to 64.2mpg (62.7mpg before), with 100g/km of CO2 emissions (102g/km before). Toyota expects that for typical customers, up to 50% of typical urban or suburban journeys will be accomplished in all-electric drive. The Japanese maker describes the Corolla's Hybrid technology as being of the 'self-charging' kind, which means that it isn't of the currently popular Plug-in variety. What else? Well, this van has a three-year new vehicle warranty, after which it qualifies for the free Toyota Relax warranty of up to 10 years/100,000 miles. As part of the Toyota Professional range of LCVs, it also comes with five years' roadside assistance and the guarantee of a service appointment within seven days. If the service target is not met, the customer qualifies for a 50 per cent reduction in servicing labour costs. There's also three years warranty against rust and 12 years of anti-corrosion protection.


The commercial vehicle market offers quite a lot of electrical engine options these days: mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid and EV powertrains are all available, should you want them. What the LCV sector's been lacking though, is the kind of powertrain that right here, right now, arguably makes most sense for a van operator: a self charging full-Hybrid petrol engine. It's the kind of 'Prius'-like powerplant that Toyota has long championed, so it is perhaps fitting that Toyota took the lead in offering it in a van, this one, the Corolla Commercial. The innovation pretty much ends there though, because the Corolla Commercial is nothing more than a Corolla Touring Sports estate with the rear seats removed to create a loading area. Still, that could be all some companies like couriers might need. Launched in 2021, this model was updated in early 2023 with a vastly improved version of its 1.8-litre self-charging Hybrid engine, enhanced media tech and improved safety standards. Let's check it all out.

Driving Experience

After using this Corolla Commercial for a bit, you might wonder why full-Hybrid self charging engines like the one used here are otherwise absent from the LCV segment. This kind of powerplant makes so much sense, particularly in the case of the revised version of this 1.8 hybrid system, which in this updated form gets redesigned power control unit and transaxle designs, plus a more powerful lithium-ion battery and calibration to achieve a more rewarding driving experience, with a closer relationship between the driver's use of the accelerator and the drive force delivery. That's helpful but if you're used to a small diesel in your small van, you'll still have to adapt a bit to the way that big throttle inputs cause a flare of revs as the Hybrid system initially struggles to translate into rapid forward movement. And you'll also need to accept a vast reduction in mid-range pulling power; this engine's very modest 142Nm torque output is about 40% down on what you'd get from a typical 1.5 or 1.6-litre rival small diesel unit, something you'll really notice in give-and-take motoring; overtakes have to be planned much further in advance. Still, the changes to this engine have undoubtedly made a lot of difference, as has the power increase from 120 to 138bhp, bringing a 1.7-second reduction in the 0-62mph time - to 9.4 seconds. Top speed is still limited to 112mph. Expect refinement to be excellent; certainly far better than it would be in a rival rumbly diesel. As before, the Hybrid engine is matched to a belt-driven CVT auto transmission with six speeds. Toyota provises a button to allow this van to run on electric power in EV mode, but it's best to leave the dsustem to its own devices. It will automatically switch to EV running when battery charge and driving conditions permit, maximising fuel and emissions efficiency. A clever 'Predictive Efficient Drive' system has been added that allows Hybrid battery charging and discharging to be controlled according to the driving situation, with the system gathering and storing data as the car is driven, to help gain better fuel efficiency.

Design and Build

You'll need to do a double-take to clock the fact that this isn't an ordinary Toyota Corolla Touring Sports estate. It is of course built on the same UK Burnaston production line. It looks pretty smart for a van. The ultra-short overhangs are notable, as is the unusual mid-level panel creasing. This features the upward swage line that flows back from the front wheel arch take a sharp upward turn just before the C-pillar at the same time as a shorter crease just below starts above the rear door handle to emphasise the rather powerful haunches. At the wheel, it's all just like the donor passenger car, it should all feel quite plush - for a van. An 8-inch 'Toyota Touch 2' centre-dash infotainment screen is standard, complete with a DAB tuner and a reversing camera. You don't get navigation but standard 'Apple CarPlay'/'Android Auto' smartphone integration means that you can bring a navigation app up onto the monitor with ease. The seats are height adjustable and supportive and feature powered lumbar adjustment - a rare thing for a compact van and a boon on longer trips.

Market and Model

Predictably, you're going to need to find a little more for this full-Hybrid Corolla Commercial than you might have expected to pay for an ordinary compact van. The on the road price is around £24,500 - excluding the reclaimable VAT. Still, at least you get passenger car-like specification for that. Standard features include a full metal bulkhead and a much improved an 8-inch multimedia display incorporating smartphone integration with 'Apple CarPlay' and 'Android Auto', plus over-the-air updates, voice recognition and a reversing camera. You also get automatic headlights, heated and power adjustable door mirrors, dual-zone air conditioning and heated, height-adjustable seats with power lumbar adjustment for the driver. This van is also equipped with a much improved portfolio of 'Toyota Safety Sense' active safety and driver assistance systems, benefitting from a new front camera that covers a much wider field ahead of the car, with extended reach both left/right and up/down. The distance of forward detection has been doubled compared to the scope of the previous hardware. Likewise, the coverage of the front millimetre-wave radar has been extended so that it can detect obstacles closer to the front of the car than before. This increased detection capability makes the Pre-Collision System effective in more urban traffic scenarios, including recognition of potential head-to-head collisions. The Emergency Steering Assist system helps the driver keep the car within its traffic line when trying to avoid a hazard such as a pedestrian, cyclist, parked car, or - thanks to the detection enhancements - motorcyclist. The Full Range Adaptive Cruise Control has been revised to give faster response and to operate in a way that feels more natural to the driver. Plus new systems have been added for safer overtaking: Overtake Prevention Support prevents unintentional overtaking on the wrong side of a vehicle (“undertaking”); and Preliminary Deceleration/Turn Signal Linked Control helps the driver safely rejoin the traffic lane at an appropriate speed and distance from other vehicles. The Lane Trace Assist system has also been adjusted to operate with a more natural feel. And when the Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Trace Assist are operating, an Emergency Driving Stop system will monitor driver inputs. If these stop (ie. your use of steering wheel, brake and accelerator) over a certain time, it will sound a warning and, if the driver doesn't respond, bring the car slowly to a stop and activate the hazard lights. The Road Sign Assist feature has been improved so that the speed limiter can easily be adjusted to match traffic sign information - useful, for example, when driving near schools or entering spaces shared with pedestrians. And Proactive Driving Assist is a new function that provides a range of safeguards when driving in low-speed areas such as town centres.

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